Saint Augustine

  "Though defensive violence will always
   be a sad necessity in the eyes of men
   of principle, it would be still more
   unfortunate if wrongdoers should
   dominate just men."

   - Saint Augustine


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 The Militia  [25/06/2018]
This document contains information about the militia with a historical overview from antiquity to the modern day.

 Militie Zonder Grenzen  [25/06/2018]
This document contains information about Militie Zonder Grenzen, from its conception to its realization.

 RKBA  [25/06/2018]
This document contains information about the right to keep and bear arms which became a constitutional right in the United States.

 Sara Ginaite  [07/02/2019]
This document contains information about Sara Ginaite, a Jewish partisan who helped rescue Jews from the Holocaust and liberate Vilnius and Kaunas.

 Tuvia Bielski  [25/06/2018]
This document contains information about Tuvia Bielski, the Jewish partisan to whom Militie Zonder Grenzen is dedicated.

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"I wanted to prevent even greater bloodshed through my deed."  – Georg Elser

Fact sheets

The Militia
Militie Zonder Grenzen
Sara Ginaite
Tuvia Bielski

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